The TI-84 Plus CE OS has partial support for 8bpp mode (at least 5.3.0 through 5.6.0, but not 5.1.5). It can be enabled by running this program:


& disabled using this program:


Putting the LCD in 8bpp mode & setting up the palette is left as an exercise for the reader. With the LCD in 16bpp mode (the normal operating mode in the OS), the status bar & other working elements look half as tall & doubled horizontally.

It only works in some places in the OS, & often only part of a screen is correct. I tried to include all the interesting ones below. The small font sometimes works, while the large font never does. (One thing I forgot to include is that the 2nd/alpha indicator in the status bar works, as does the run indicator.) Usually when it does work, the byte stored in VRAM is the first byte of the 16-bit color, but sometimes it is some other, apparently-unrelated value.

EDIT: I added the mode screen looking almost correct, which can be obtained by loading & clearing a menu that returns to the mode screen.
EDIT: I also verified that it works in 5.6.0.
EDIT: A color.

Screenshots (in CEmu with LCD forced to 8bpp mode & my attempt at making the palette work):

Power-on help

Mode screen with language selector highlighted

Almost-correct mode screen

Format border color

Format background color

Y= editor

Graph with background color set

Colors (some are wrong due to collisions)

More colors

No picture

Stat plot menu

Catalog help

Cabri Jr. app

Test mode options

Other test mode options
So I guess they might have been investigating if they could put certain parts of the OS in 8bpp to improve performance?
I noticed this when I crashed my calculator using very large strings in BASIC. It would throw a mem error and make the screen look like that until it crashes.
This also shows up sometimes if you "forget" to use det(1 during an ICE program before exiting.
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