Hi BatPrime!
I know the readme is bad. I wrote it in nano editor, after all.
So to explain, when you type something in, and she responds, press the prgm key to enter a new response.
If you type a word with * before it (multpilpy sign) without a space, she will match that word or phrase specifically.
for instance:
I like tacos
would have her say "i like tacos" to anything containing "tacos"
I hope that helps!
I will post source soon. just a warning, its almost as unreadable as the original.
Thank you for responding. I almost didn't even ask, because I thought the project was probably stopped.
The nano editor can be difficult to work with, so I can't really blame you!
Thank you for explaining the * matching, it was probably the most confusing part of the ReadMe.
I hardly code in basic, but even if I did, I still probably wouldn't have understood the source code.
Have you thought about trying this in pure ASM?
Well, I don't know pure ASM. If I did, I totally would try this. For now though, axe is easy and forgiving.
I am planning on uploading source later. People will probably tear my code to shreds and say I am going about it all wrong, but whatever.
That's a big part of programming.
Axe is a nice language, and much easier to understand than ASM.
Laughing Just know I wont be tearing it to shreds, I'll be too busy trying to figure out what it means!
I swear i am working on a prebuilt brain for Suzan!
Please dont leak my ip just yet!
Life has gotten in the way, but i also ported the engine to discord bot form!
Im still figuring out how to make it so only certian users can teach her. Until then she cant learn, which sorta defeats the whole purpose, but whatevs!
Anyhow, her favorite color is purple, and she will not remember your name.
I hope to have something later today or at least by my birthday.
Wavejumper3 wrote:

I'm still figuring out how to make it so only certain users can teach her.

Can't you make it so that only single role can control her? Instead of individual users.
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