A few months ago, the mini-USB port on my TI-84 Plus CE broke, and calling TI's customer support didn't offer any solutions, so I decided to do it myself. I ordered a new port and soldered it on, and it worked. It went smoothly, and when I booted the calculator up, everything worked fine.

One thing was different though. The color of the bezel around the graphing window had changed to pink. When I looked further, anything that used the LTGRAY color option, such as some text in the top bar, had changed to pink as well.

I don't think it affects the calculator in any way, it graphs fine and does all the calculations correctly, but I'd be curious to know what caused this. Do you have any ideas?

Thanks for any help!
That's an interesting issue - I'm guessing one of the LCD lines got damaged.
I made a test program that displays every color the CE can produce: Download.
Could you send a picture of what that displays? It should look something like this:
When I try to run it on the calculator, it says ERROR: INVALID, and when i try to edit it using TI Connect it says "A token in DEMO.8xp is invalid"
It's an assembly program, so if you're on OS 5.6 or above you'll need to use arTIfiCE to run it.
Here is the screenshot https://imgur.com/a/eH8ekCI

I've reuploaded the OS as well so I'm pretty sure thats not the issue
If it's a hardware issue, a screenshot won't accurately show what's on the screen, since the "screenshot" is actually a copy of the data that the calculator thinks it's sending to the screen. Could you send an picture of the physical screen, taken with an external camera?
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