I recently got annoyed at the TIGCC/GCC4TI IDE on Linux... or lack thereof.
As such, I decided to take the only sane path: Write my own.
Current features:
Cross platform (works on MacOS and Linux, it should support Windows, but I haven't tested it.
Written in Java, using SWT for the UI.
License: GPL v2 or later (As of now, I'm not distributing it, because the current codebase looks like it was written by a highschooler using chocolate as a caffeine source, which it was.)

I'll update this as I add more stuff.

And finally some questions...
My current plan for compilation is to call "tigcc" behind the scenes using Java's ProcessBuilder utility. Is there a way to reliably locate an executable?

I currently do it by going to the x86 program files directory on Windows and looking there and by inspecting things like ".profile" and ".bashrc" on *nix to find $TIGCC, but that doesn't account for all kinds of things, like using different shells.

Edit: There really isn't a standard place to install it, so I'll just pop up a dialog asking for the compiler path.
Also, because of the way I wrote the IDE, it's possible to use it for CE C projects as well.
Edit: I've finished implementing the finding tigcc, now for ez80-clang...
Never mind. Compiling doesn't work.

Currently, the way I'm doing it is generating a shell script in the project/build directory and running it. The script looks like this, for example:


export TIGCC=/usr/local/tigcc
/bin/echo "Attempting compilation"
/usr/local/tigcc/bin/tigcc -o test_comp -Os -Wpedantic -Wall /home/michael/test_workspace/test_comp/src/c/test_comp.c && /bin/echo "Compilation finished"

However, only the first echo prints something. This means that tigcc isn't running correctly, but nothing gets printed to stdout or stderr. How can I make the script print what tigcc spits out?

From Jacobly:


import java.io.IOException;

public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException, InterruptedException {
    System.out.println("Attempting compilation");
    ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder("/usr/local/tigcc/bin/tigcc", "-o", "test_comp", "-Os", "-Wpedantic", "-Wall", "/home/michael/test_workspace/test_comp/src/c/test_comp.c");
    pb.environment().put("TIGCC", "/usr/local/tigcc");
    Process proc = pb.inheritIO().start();
    if (proc.waitFor() == 0) {
      System.out.println("Compilation finished");
    } else {
      // failed
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