Since VS code doesn't have native support for ez80 or z80 assembly, I added it myself. You can download the extension here, or you can search for "EZ80 Assembly" within VS Code extensions.

This highlights all the opcodes, registers, labels, opcode suffixes, and numbers within your code.

Let me know if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions and feel free to add/change what you want, I've tried to use the extension API to add fun hover stuff, but have gotten very little progress. The repo can also be found here
Very nice, I will certainly use this. Great job!
Version 1.1.0 has been released, some new goodies are documentation in hovers and providing definitions for labels and equates. You can also set up an include directory to search for documentation.
Now that finals are over, I released 1.3.1 which improves problem watching and does a lot of behind of the scenes stuff, again I would really like feedback so I can find stuff to fix (I imagine there will be problems with the problem watcher, how ironic)
Though I do not use VS Code myself (I'm partial to Sublime), this seems like something that would be quite useful. I took a peek at the repo you linked above and it seems to me like this offers a fair bit more than just basic syntax highlighting.

I'm not really sure what you mean by "problem watching"- are these "problems" syntax errors that prevent the code from assembling or is the system somehow trying to catch basic logic or style errors? (Or something else that has gone way over my head?)
The problem watching just checks for things like missing operands, wrong opcodes, a symbol that has no definition, so mainly syntax errors. Bear in mind they are specific to the ez80 cpu, so LDI for example will throw an error if you are writing gameboy assembly, (since LDI has operands on the gameboy, but none on the ez80)
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