Is there anyway I could modify the test px to return the color instead of just 1 and 0 for the ti 84 ce? I could add a command or use assembly. I've been searching for ways to get the color of a certain pixel, and I can't seem to do that without using something to memorize the color of the pixel before hand. Thanks.
Ok I think I figured it out. I've decided to use Doors CSE's color check function. It works well.
But then it doesn't work on the ti 84 plus ce so i don't know what to do now
Yeah I suppose there would need to be an ASM util/lib made for the CE ... though that's difficult now due to ASM being banned (although there is a workaround for now).
tr1p1ea wrote:
Yeah I suppose there would need to be an ASM util/lib made for the CE ...

Yeah I guess that would be cool to have Rolling Eyes Laughing
Hey so does anyone have an asm program to do that? Or do I need to write one? Because I haven't upgraded my calculator yet, I just updated to 5.4 - it was 5.0 before (mine is rather old). I'm not really good with z80 asm, I usually code with java, python, c++ - the high level ones. I learned ti basic to make simple programs.
Hum... a month later and no one has replied yet. I'm learning assembly to write my own. If I succeed, I'll share my code. After reading through a couple tutorials, I seem to still not understand how I can read from a letter Token variable. If any one reading this can explain, thanks.
I really wish I could help you. I have not learned ASM either, but there are some ASM utilities and libs under development currently.
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