Hey, I currently am a programmer for the ti 84 plus ce for assembly which as you may know TI shut down. I have discussed with a lawyer and we believe that it is against the law for TI to get rid of assembly as they have been supporting this over a number of years. I am not asking for any money just wanted to know if, anyone would support this cause. We are going to the FTC to create a claim and the more people we get in support the better chance we have. If you have any questions please let me know. and if you know any other people who would like to support or help the cause let me know.
What's the alleged crime? What's the existing caselaw to support such a suit? Are you envisioning an individual suit or a class action?
While my initial thought was that this doesn't seem realistic, on second thought I did realize this is very similar to the PS3 "other OS" class action that resulted in a settlement.

Reviewing the PS3 complaint, the main argument seems to be that the PS3's capabilities as a general purpose computer were heavily marketed, and many people purchased them as a result who were then damaged by removal of the ability to run arbitrary software. Making a similar argument for calculators strikes me as difficult, since TI don't widely advertise the ability to run assembly programs, and (I believe) few people can reasonably be said to purchase calculators specifically to run assembly programs.
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