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Hello, everyone! It's been a while since I really did anything on Cemetech, and it will continue to be a while as my user activity plummets to nothing. I have been making a few projects for fun, but can no longer work on them.

- zShell (v0.85): A very sleek and small shell for Celtic III that's less than 3kB. It has multiple program names on the screen (shows name, size, and status) and shows the calculator model and OS version at the top. You can use the function keys to scroll between pages, the keymap for changing program status is similar to MirageOS. Some other features too.
- Instant Chat Pro (0.61): A professional chatting program that has the ability to connect three monochrome calculators. It uses a custom zStart font with custom font sprites (to make things look better and more professional). The program size will be less than Instant Chat Plus (surprisingly, it has MORE features but is less than it's predecessor (by about 3kB, about 6kB). Has multiple lines message editing, and other awesome features.

These were almost going to be released until something happened with Archive. I would occasionally back-up my data with two groups. If I made more changes, back up to group one. Then after more back-up to group two and vice versa. Until one point this one group back-up failed to write to archive (I actually have new batteries!) and froze at the "Copying variables to group..." screen. I removed the battery and was greeted with a RAM clear. The copy of it (the program called ICPRCOPY) was still there, so I was glad that remained intact and I did that right before I backed up to a failed group. I had the idea to GarbageCollect to see if it would fix the archive in any way and thought it was a bad idea so I took out a battery again during GarbageCollection and booted the OS recovery screen. I pressed [on] and booted the OS and was greeted by a RAM cleared. I then discovered EVERYTHING (except the flash apps) was gone. All programs, appvars, groups, lists were gone. I thought it was a wonderful idea to GarbageCollect again to see if it would do anything, and now the flash apps are gone, too. I cannot use my CE because I need to get a new battery for it (it degraded and kind-of leaked). I cannot use TI-Connect CE or connect any calculators to the computer to restore files because I am "grounded".

So having a good week so far (NOT), so I will be developing bare-minimum BASIC games with no libraries.

If you have advice, comments, or anything that will be great.

I may or may not have the heart to remake Instant Chat Pro, but maybe zShell.
That sounds like quite a week, BioHazard!
First, it's good to see you back (sort of back) and working on projects.
Second, your whole situation sounds like one big mess! I, honestly, have no idea what you should next. Maybe a complete memory reset will fix whatever is going on. I don't really know though, just an idea that I'm throwing out there.
Third, I hope that you find the motivation to remake those projects. They sounded really cool.
Best of luck, BioHazard. (Please get un-grounded.)
Thank you, I appreciate it! Smile
Yes, it has. I contacted my uncle for information and we've been discussing and doing stuff on how I can somehow get everything back, so he told me to write this powerful assembly program from scratch. I did so and I messed up something after he left, and might have turned my calculator into a brick... but I don't know for sure. I tried to clear everything and re-install the OS but both haven't helped.
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