I have been working on an OS for the TI-84+CE line of graphing cals as of late.
It appears that the flash unlock sequence I am using works on boot rev. 5.1.5 but not 5.0.0.
(Tested in CEmu) Upon installation on boot rev. 5.0.0, the screen flashes white and hangs. Presumeably due to a faulty flash unlock.
My follow up question then, is what do I add to the current flash unlock sequence to make it work from the OS addressing range.

BOS GitHub repo
The flash unlock sequence is not in fault here. All it needs to correctly work is to be executed from privileged flash.

Rather, I think the lock you see here is due to extra spurious interrupt, the boot OS 5.0.0 give back control with interrupt enabled already. Maybe you can try an extra di at the start of the boot_os.

Also, building seems broken with last version of fasmg, the calm command are way outdated
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