I have never downloaded a TI Basic program and don't know where to use it

Can someone point out how the program and it's associated files are accessed?

Thank you..........yes I'm ignorant,
Press [prgm]. Select it from the list and hit [enter].
Step 1. Download it
Step 2. Send it to your calculator using a link cable and TI-Connect or TI-Connect CE
Step 3. Hit [prgm] on your calculator
Step 4. Scroll down (if applicable) till you find the program you want to run
Step 5. Hit enter to select it, then hit enter again to run it.

If you want to view the code you can also scroll over to the EDIT tab on the [prgm] menu and select one of the programs from there. Or view the file directly on your computer with TI Connect or SourceCoder.
Out of interest, what calculator do you have? A TI-83+/84+/84+CE/89 etc?

You can find lots of BASIC programs in the Cemetech archives: https://www.cemetech.net/downloads/browse/
Or the ticalc.org archives: https://www.ticalc.org/pub/
Thanks everyone Smile

BTW I don't have a prgm key on my calculator:
I have the TI Voyage 200 btw.........Better than the TI 89 Titanium by far

Then it's in the var-link menu ([2nd][-]) Smile
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