This is getting out of hand in the feature creep department.

Keep up the good work Smile

Picture of progress

The tool can now scan the filesystem for fonts in three groups and install a localization hook to them: (Protected) programs, appvars, and either of the two above within groups.

It does exactly what it's supposed to do. Let me know if things break.


* Make a lot of example fonts and pack them all up.
* Maybe include a packager for this? Or maybe expect users to do that on-calc.
* Update the readme
* Maybe add some sort of help section in-program?
* More feature creep. An editor of sorts. Should be easy enough? It's almost trivial to rebuild the files as long as I can import the binaries for the active hook code and self-installer. It'll probably also make the menu code I yanked from Project Starfury worth the space it took in terms of more than just looks.

And now i've gotta add a zillion fonts, stick them in a group, then distribute that. It'll be awesome. Maybe now I can work on the feature creep. Full scale editor ahoy!
Yikes! It's been ten days?
Haha, "Should be easy enough" I tell myself. What a joke. Except I'm not laughing. I'm crying. Over what, I can't tell anymore

Feature creep has hit an all-time high: I wrote a mostly usable font editing tool. There's still a few things that I have left to do with it but I'm going to shelve the project for a while to start on Cemetech Contest #24.

The editor can't replace the font previewer's ability to install hooks from an appvar and from items found in group files, so you'll still need the previewer for those tasks.

A screenshot of the editor being clumsily used

This project has its own repository on github. Most of the instructions are in the program itself. Enjoy if you can
I tried the font editor, and I was with it finally able to get a selfmade font on my calculator!
So I would say it's a good program!
However, I have some points:
-Why don't you see example characters in the small font?
-Why do you have to use 2nd every time instead of enter? in the beginning that was a bit confusing.

I've made some screenshots (Actually the font isn't ready yet, I didn't have the patience to make all characters... But only the most important.., I'll make them later though.)

Oh my God, this looks so cool! Only issue is: You can't modify charas #250-255, somehow. I edited them, but they don't show up when I edit my calc name via CerMaster.
Not sure if you saw this- over on TI-Planet, DJ Omnimaga is using this to create neat sprites for an RPG. I never even considered this to be an option! Here's the relevant post, Google-translated and cleaned up.

DJ Omnimaga wrote:
Here is a preview of a special version of First Fantasy in development, using a custom typeface created in the new Font Hook CE by Iambian to display real sprites:

That's pretty awesome! Especially since you can store multiple font packs per project, there's just about unlimited opportunity for design choices. If the calculator glitches out and doesn't reset the font, it could make the calculator pretty amusing to try and navigate. This could also be a bit of an issue with older programs that rely on the looks of the default font to give the best experience. Nevertheless, I'm really looking forward to this being released!
I'm super excited for this to be done with an editor!
Nice work Iambian! Smile
Any updates on this?
Heya, I wanna say this is a very neat tool and I like that the font can remain in archive. It's also very easy to detect if the font is installed or not, via Pxl-test() commands. Just a little bug, though: When you alter a big character, it automatically creates a very large small empty version of it, wasting space. When reverting to a default character, it would be nice if it the custom one was just erased instead of overwritten with a copy of the default.
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