Let me get things clear, here. I don't appreciate yall talking shit about me behind my back. I registered an account here for calculators and technology. I didn't come here for people to be straight-up jerks to me because they don't believe or agree with things I say. Hayden is a very real person, and so is my uncle. If you cannot respect that than just IGNORE the things I say. I also don't appreciate the accusations of me being altermate troller accounts on here. If you don't want me on Cemetech anymore, than fine. Just say it then. I'm already going through plenty of shit already because of school and COVID and I don't need any more on top of this from a website I go to release stress, MateoC and fghsgh. If you have a shred of respect for me, then the least you can do is stop. And for the love of God, don't turn this into a joke.
Please reach out to myself or another Cemetech admin if you continue to have issues with members on Cemetech. Just because it happens publicly, doesn't mean we see it with an active community; we can say Hi in the chat 30 minutes after something happened and never see it because it's 200-300+ messages above.

The problem can't be addressed and remediated if we don't know about it.
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