The name of the thread says it all, users with > 1000 posts can no longer assign themselves custom titles.

As far as I can tell, this was intended behavior before- if it was removed intentionally, I'd like to know why it was removed and if we can have it back :)
Seems like the option to change it isn't there anymore but my profile still contains my custom title, perhaps there is a reason why it was removed, although this is the first time I've heard about it being removed. Maybe the admins decided they want to manually assign titles to members that they deem worthy, kind of like how the CEMETECH EXPERT banners work. Its a bit of an incentive for users to post as much as possible which should definitely not be the goal.
Or maybe its just a mistake and they never intended to remove it.
I noticed that both yours and TLM's titles seem to have been yoinked, which makes me think this isn't intentional.
Apparently the template system sucks and a change that was meant to hide a bunch of fields on the registration page also made that field never show up, even when editing an existing profile. I've fixed it now.

Have I mentioned that phpbb is spaghetti (and not in a nice, delicious way)?
Tari wrote:
Have I mentioned that phpbb is spaghetti (and not in a nice, delicious way)?

Hehe, thanks for the quick fix :)
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