What is the best completed project of July 2020?
Breathing Exercise Program
 6%  [ 2 ]
HexaEdit CE: On-calc hex editor
 10%  [ 3 ]
Hiding a Bluetooth speaker in a CE
 17%  [ 5 ]
Planet Generation
 3%  [ 1 ]
TI-80 ROM dumper
 13%  [ 4 ]
TI-81 Wi-Fi enabled keypad mod
 6%  [ 2 ]
TI-Terminal: a BASIC terminal interface
 6%  [ 2 ]
tihle: calculator emulation without ROMs
 34%  [ 10 ]
Total Votes : 29

July was full of amazing software and hardware projects! Be sure to read about each project and vote on your favorite!
  • Apollox (Futuristic tower defense game):
    fXXa has been planning out a tower defense game for the Casio Prizm! There's a trello list you can check out and give the author some support.
  • Breathing Exercise Program [TI-Basic]:
    It's no lie that 2020 has been a rough year for everyone. To combat poor breathing, Michael2_3B has created a program that helps you learn to breath slower. It's a very relaxing program so go visit the thread and try it out!
  • Cap'n Hook - A Hook Manager for the CE:
    Ever wanted to make a hook in your program that would allow quick access to features, but you didn't want to conflict with existing hooks programs used? commandblockguy has you covered with a library that will manage all those hooks programs like to install. The program is nearing released but it needs someone to try it out, so go be the first to integrate this amazing tool!
  • Contagion CE - Plague, Inc. port:
    Epsilon5 and Everyday code are collaborating to create the most relatable game of 2020, a port of Plague Inc. They've made tons of progress with a map already made, mutations to the virus, and different modes of spreading your virus. The game looks fantastic so go check out the thread for some screenshots!
  • HD Picture Viewer [C] [ICE] [TI-84 Plus CE]:
    TheLastMillennial has started work on re-writing his high definition picture viewer again, this time making it in a more reliable language, C. This month he finished the computer converter and a portion of the calculator viewer so pictures of any resolution can be displayed! There's some cool screenshots documenting progress so go visit the thread.
  • HexaEdit CE: On-calc hex editor:
    If you've ever found yourself wanting to chea- I mean debug some games without a computer, Captain Calc has created a hex editor which will allow you to edit files directly on the calculator. The interface is clean and intuitive and the program even contains some easter eggs for you to discover so go check it out!
  • Maze Dash CE [C]:
    Even though the original game isn't even available in the US, that didn't stop matkeller19 from scouring the internet to find levels and gameplay to port this fun mobile puzzle game! The game's objective is to cover all the squares of a level using a snake and all the resources given to you in the level. There's some screenshots showing the awesome progress so go see what it's about.
  • Modding my CE with Bluetooth Speaker and Wireless Charging!:
    This month, TheLastMillennial completed their latest modification to their TI-84 Plus CE, hiding a Bluetooth speaker to the inside of the calculator to play music! It's a very clean mod with lots of eye candy and even a video demonstrating the sound quality and features so go check out the thread.
  • NESizm (Casio Prizm NES emulator):
    Tswilliamson made a bit of progress this month showing off an awesome feature before the full release. You can still download a beta version so go give it a try!
  • Planet Generation:
    KosmicCyclone has created a little program which will draw a very full planet on the screen. It's so detailed it takes quite a while to render, but that could become a fun code golf competition! The source code is available right on the first post so go check it out.
  • Tanks! CE:
    commandblockguy has made a ton of progress on his detailed port of Tanks for the Wii. This month he got the enemy tanks fully rendered and now has the game running at a great speed! The thread is full of awesome screenshots and progress so go visit the thread!
  • TI-80 ROM dumper:
    Previously, transferring data from the TI-80 calculator was incredibly difficult due to the lack of any sort of link port. Fortunately, it's significantly easier now thanks to Zeroko who cleverly discovered a way to use an AM radio to record data traveling across the ASIC, RAM, and ROM! It's an awesome trick and they even got a successful ROM dump transferred using the method so go check out how it works!
  • TI-81 Wi-Fi enabled keypad mod:
    Sticking with amazing tricks for vintage calculators, tr1p1ea has just made their TI-81 completely remotely controllable via Wi-Fi! In short, this was accomplished by carefully soldering a Wi-Fi chip to the internals of the calculator. There's some fantastic photos of the progress and even a video of the project working first try! To see such wizardry, go visit the thread and see for yourself.
  • TI-Terminal, a BASIC terminal interface for TI-83/84+:
    TIny_Hacker just released a new program that lets you create and run not only your own functions, but also programs as well! The UI is a clean looking terminal interface and has quite a few features so go check give it a try.
  • tihle: calculator emulation without ROMs:
    Spurred by the recent development of TI removing Assembly support from the TI-84 Plus CE, Tari has started creating a new emulator that doesn't use any of TI's code at all! This means you can emulate any program without the need for a ROM which all other emulators require. Even better, you can run tihle even directly into a web browser! There's a far more detailed description on its capabilities and the development process which you can read by visiting the link in the thread.
  • Windows 10 Simulator [C]:
    Alvajoy123 has the idea of porting the Windows 10 interface to the TI-84 Plus CE. It's just an idea right now but there's a proof of concept image so go show the author some support!
  • z80 QR Code generator:
    Inspired by his past attempts at making a QR generator in Basic, ReGuess has decided to make the project way better and port it to Assembly. This means far bigger, more complex QR codes can be created faster. It's a pretty cool project and the source is right on the first post so go take a look!
  • Zipper 3.0 (C/Asm):
    Beckadamtheinventor has just created a zx7 compressor/ extractor tool for the TI-84 Plus CE. This will significantly reduce the size of files on the calculator which could be very useful for large projects! There's no download yet but go show some support on the thread.
  • [TI84PCE] Scratch CE Development [C]:
    Despite TI unjustly removing Assembly from the TI-84 Plus CE, that didn't stop Alvajoy123 from making massive progress on his implementation of Scratch, the popular block-based language. This month he nearly finished the UI, added over a dozen commands, and kept the program size and speed at reasonable levels! It's truly a great project you should check out!

That was quite a hearty list of quality projects. That's all for this month though, be sure to vote for your favorite!
I should note that the z80 QR Code generator is not complete, so it probably shouldn't be in the poll as an option for "best completed project"
Good Job TLM!!! Keep the good work up Smile
Clearly tihle is most notable, given it saw interest outside everyday calculator people and brought a few old members out of hiding. Razz

Though Contagion got a lot of interest too; I'm pretty impressed by how good a clone that is.
Voted for tihle personally - but all the projects were great. Well done!
I forgot I even made that breathing program until now lol

Also, that's a lot of exclamations you got there
I'm kinda surprised anyone voted for my thing in the first place Razz
I didn't even vote for it, I voted for womp's speaker project.
There were several complaints about the excessive number of exclamation points I used in the potm. I just made an edit that nearly halved that number. There's only a few days left in the poll so be sure to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheLastMillennial wrote:
There were several complaints about the excessive number of exclamation points I used in the potm. I just made an edit that nearly halved that number. There's only a few days left in the poll so be sure to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exclamation points FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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