It has been months since we originally came out with the Pixel Art Creator. One could definitely say that it had its mistakes. Nevertheless, we have now almost completed a new and improved Pixel Art Creator! Currently in the bug testing stage, we hope to have it released within the next couple weeks. This new update includes faster loading and drawing time as well as different sizes for pixel art drawings. (8x8, 12x12, 16x16, 20x20, and 24x24)
Here are two sneak peaks at the new-and-improved Pixel Art Creator:

NOTE: These pictures are for the Doors 8 edition of the Pixel Art Creator. The non-Doors 8 edition looks the same, but without colored text on the home screen.
The Pixel Art Creator (version 2.0b) has now been uploaded to the file archives (might still be pending). Version 2.0b is for the TI-84 Plus CE. It is recommended that it is not run on a CSE. The Doors version of the Pixel Art Creator can be found on

Pixel Art Creator 2.1 (For the CSE/Doors 8.0)
Pixel Art Creator 2.1b (For the CE)
Very nice work, I really like how easy this is to use.

On calc tools are very handy.
Be sure to get the update once it gets published. The update has even more tools and different pixel art sizes.
The Pixel Art Creator just got an update uploaded (it might still be pending). Please be on the look-out for it.
I like how list 2 come with a pre-loaded picture!
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