So i got a calculator with python on it. Wondering if anyone knows where i can download python games for the calculator like pacman or so? Thanks!
There aren't many Python games for the 83PCEEP/84+CE/84+CE-TPE because the hardware is (probably intentionally) way too limited for most games, so there will never be many advanced games for these models, in the current and probably foreseeable state of their lowly hardware Smile

Your 84+CE-TPE will let you make simple algorithms of several hundreds of raw source code bytes for classroom usage, but anything beyond several KBs of source code, depending on which features of the language you're using, will simply not run because there's not enough memory on the poor little companion ATSAMD21 chip. Making a periodic table was already shown to be a chore, one needs to resort to optimizations killing readability to haggle on the memory consumption of the code...

TI suggesting to replace native code usage with Python usage is an insult to users.
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