For the last month, we (RoccoLox Programs) have been working on a new, very interesting project. This new project will be known as the Caterpillar Puzzles! Caterpillar Puzzles will have you navigate a caterpillar through obstacles to collect fruit. Once you eat all of the fruit then a door will open up and once you go through it then you complete the level! Recently, we have also been working on a level editor/creator for this program. We plan on finishing this program within the month.

Download Caterpillar Puzzles
Very excited for this release. Will you guys have a beta that I can join or something?
We haven't thought about it. Maybe. The program is mostly completed right now. It's mainly just creating the levels that we still have to finish.
Updated report on Caterpillar Puzzles:
We have finished the code for the program (minus a few tweaks, possibly). Even though the code is finished, we still have to finish making the last couple levels. (There will be 20 levels.) That shouldn't be too hard thanks to the level creator that we made. We plan on having Caterpillar Puzzles uploaded within the next couple of weeks.

For those of you who are interested in what the program looks like, here are a couple pictures:
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