What was the best completed project of May 2020?
Calculator Water Cooling
 45%  [ 9 ]
Classical 4th Order RK Ordinary Differential Equation Solver
 10%  [ 2 ]
Plane Jump
 45%  [ 9 ]
Total Votes : 20

As the world shutdown in the face of viral danger, Cemetechians stepped up to produce and expand a number of projects in May 2020. As always, be sure to check them out for yourself and vote in the poll for your favorite completed Project of the Month.

  • Building a Custom Laptop Inside a 1994 PowerBook 540c: Sam has begun work on an ambitious triple-monitor laptop. Beginning with nothing more than the husk of a 1994 PowerBook and a dream, he's already made great progress toward his technological marvel, and would appreciate your support in his endeavor.
  • Calculator Water Cooling: AlexTheGreatish, in collaboration with LinusTechTips, successfully overclocked and water-cooled a TI-84+, demonstrating the enhanced computational capabilities of this unconventional gaming setup. The thread includes a link to LinusTechTips' official video on the project, so do check it out to see their success.
  • Casio FX-CG50 Prizm New project: Updated X's & O's: Will1162 has developed a simple tic-tac-toe game written in C for the Casio Prizm series of calculators, featuring multiplayer support, adjustable AI difficulty, and many quality of life elements. He plans to continue updating the program as he develops new features, so head over to the archives and try it out for yourself!
  • CE Rigid Body Physics Prototype: Continuing his work in physics simulation, Zaalane has begun developing a rigid body simulator for the CE, which can calculate the movement and collision of various objects using particle-based equations. He has plenty of additional features and improvements in store, so be sure to head over to the thread to see what's new.
  • Classical 4th Order RK Ordinary Differential Equation Solver: nogdoesrandomstuff has created a program in TI-BASIC to solve up to 10th degree ordinary differential equations. The maths behind it are pretty impressive, so if you're ever in need of some serious ODE horse power, be sure to check it out.
  • DungeonCE Development Thread: Pieman7373 has continued development of DungeonCE, having vastly improved his game's UI and other rendering elements. This program has come a long way from its contest prototype, so be on the look out for future releases and even more features from Pieman.
  • Fruit Ninja CE [C]: Michael2_3B has continued the revival of Fruit Ninja CE, a clone of the popular mobile app of the same name. He has added a new mode, and plans to show off additional developments in the near future. Head over to the thread and show your support!
  • HailStorm CE: epsilon5 has released an update to his popular space-themed shooted, implementing some bug fixes and balance changes that are sure to excite. The release is available on the archives, and as a past Project of the Month, it's definitely worth checking out.
  • Isometric Terrain in TI-Basic on the CE: Michael2_3B has begun work on a terrain rendering program in TI-BASIC for the CE. Hearkening to the cubical style of Minecraft, this program can render a plethora of block types in a slow-but-beautiful isometric style. The current release is available on the archives, and you can also support its development on GitHub.
  • Mental Math for the TI 84+CE: Captain Calc has remade his popular CE mental math game in C in honor of the game's one-year anniversary. This program's sleek UI wonderfully encases a fun tool to practice math, so if you'd like to get your gears turning be sure to try it out for yourself.
  • NESizm (Casio Prizm NES emulator): tswilliamson has released a new version of his NES emulator for the Casio Prizm series of calculators, fixing multiple bugs and providing new mapper support. It is no surprise that emulators tend to pull a big crowd on Cemetech, and tswilliamson's is no exception itself, so if you've got a Prizm be sure to give it a whirl!
  • Noti-ez80 (open source boot rom): beckadamtheinventor began development of an open source boot ROM for the TI-84+CE, in lieu of TI's decision to remove assembly support on future OS's and models. The current version is not yet ready for use on-calc, so keep your eye on the thread to see what's in store for this project and others like it.
  • Plane Jump: Iambian has released the first version of Plane Jump, a simple yet addictive clone of a classic online game about rolling, jumping, and, inevitably, falling. The release includes a sleek title screen, in-game animations, and other quality-of-life features, and the thread includes a peak at Iambian's development process. Be sure to check the thread and try out Plane Jump for yourself!
  • Tanks! CE: commandblockguy has continued development of Tanks! CE, a clone of the popular Wii title of the same name. Now featuring 3D tiles, cleaner hitboxes, and improved rendering, this game continues to impress, so be sure to check the thread for contuining updates and future releases.
  • TI-Prizm (TI-8x emulator for Casio Prizm): tswilliamson has begun work on a new project: emulating a calculator within a calculator! Specifically, he plans to emulate the TI-83+ series on a Casio Prizm. Be sure to check out the thread for future updates!
  • Word Sort Game Series: RoccoLox Programs has added ten new levels to their Word Sort game for the CSE/CE calculators. He has also announced development for a TI-83+ version of the game, so be on the lookout for its release!
  • [TI84PCE] Scratch CE Development [C]: Alvajoy123 has begun work on a clone of the infamous coding tool Scratch for the CE, featuring the sprites, animations, and graphical programming you all know and love. He plans to continue to expand its features and code capabilities, so be sure to check it out!

That's all for May 2020! Congratulations to everyone who worked on or finished projects this month, and stay tuned for June!
I'm fairly certain Alex from LTT is going to win PotY this year, lol. I hope he shows up again when it happens!
Some of these projects already feel like far more than a few months ago to me, such is the weird timelessness of COVID-time. In particular, thanks for reminding me about about the custom-laptop-in-a-Powerbook project; I was particularly enthused about that, and I hope you are still working on it, Sam!
I thought the calculator water cooling was cool. It seems really pointless and stupid, but when you see the finished product, it actually looks kind of cool.
I was kind of disappointed that he didn't do anything with the 84PCEs TI sent him, someone should tell him that all those have functional OS's and can still run assembly programs. I imagine they'd be good for something, it'd be neat if he tried out a bunch of shell apps for some sort of "What's the Best Calculator OS?!" video, with some clickbaity thumbnail of Raid Shadow Legends on the calc or something.
KermMartian wrote:
Some of these projects already feel like far more than a few months ago to me, such is the weird timelessness of COVID-time. In particular, thanks for reminding me about about the custom-laptop-in-a-Powerbook project; I was particularly enthused about that, and I hope you are still working on it, Sam!

Very much so! I'm still waiting to make an update post until I have it running Windows, but I've made a lot of progress in the background (mostly researching different ways to do things). I've successfully mounted and plugged in my GPU, motherboard, and the plexiglass cover that covers it all. Right now I'm working on milling a custom, extremely low profile CPU cooler from my existing heatsink that will hopefully bypass the need for heat pipes, which I had quite a lot of trouble bending to my liking without it kinking, as well as hooking up my comically powerful fans. Expect an update within a few weeks once I have those parts installed.

I do admit I left that project sitting in a closet for some time when I just couldn't find a way to get those darn heat pipes to work. I'm working with just too tight tolerances to bend my heat pipes by hand and not machine. Anyway, here's what it looks like right now:

Getting praise from Kerm just hits different. My day is made.
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