darkwater4213 wrote:
Okay, will do. Should I just close the branch and start over, or something else? (Or can I just be given write access ;D )

Actually, the latest releases are in the "Releases" section. Thanks for your willingness to help, though. Very Happy
Oooooh I see now. I'm not entirely sure why Pre-releases don't show up on the landing page for repositories, but they don't.

So I guess this could be classified under "noob misunderstandings"

darkwater4213 wrote:
I'm not entirely sure why Pre-releases don't show up on the landing page for repositories, but they don't.

I've never noticed that, lemme fix it:

Comically large release link

I didn't mark the latest release as a prerelease so it's easier to see from the main page; they should show up regardless of tagging, but somebody at GitHub had to mess up I guess (let's just say it's Microsoft's fault to appease the Linux users). Anyway, delete your old save or quit your current game, just don't have an active run or the calc crashes blah blah blah same as per usual. I do have excellent news for you all though, I got rid of some of the background tiles and managed to free up a fair amount of heap usage, so weird bugs are now unlikely and you should only have to deal with regular bugs, which are also weird but not as catastrophic! I'm using some of the new space to decompress more sprites, and I'm trying to figure out how to best take advantage of it without completely rewriting the game from scratch around weird techniques. I might be able to really shrink the game down, or at least keep it from getting bigger as I add more sprites.

Thank TIny for the TItle:

For anyone who's curious, the old game size was 206,317 bytes, the current size is 191,936 bytes. It's still insanely large, but I can definitely shave off more after I clean up the decompression code. Here's what's changed so far:
    -Code organization
    -Code obfuscation
    -New way to draw menu sprites, should allow for compressing more sprites in the future
    -Opening screen looks less empty
    -Official title added
    -More unnecessary comments and puns
    -Fixed visual glitch during the death animation
    -Removed random pink line from laser powering down animation
    -Added gramophone and lamp (sign coming soon)
I wouldn't be surprised if there're new graphical bugs with the background sprites since a lot has changed under the hood. Tell me if there's bugs, make fun of how bad the code is, complain about the file size, and have fun!

Oh, and I made a release on GitHub earlier that didn't have most of the optimizations and bugfixes in it. It worked, but I'd redownload it if you got it earlier.
This looks great! I'm excited to see more and more of the game come together, and I'm really loving the progress so far. Awesome job making the program take less, and the start screen looks a lot better with the gramophone and light. Keep up the great work! Very Happy
I accidently broke my promise from last Capitalist's Day's Eve. I think it's clear what must be done. Merry Capitalist day!
The project appears to be progressing well, I look forward to seeing more development. Smile
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