Enter my latest crazy idea: Whatever higher power runs our universe has finite processing power, speed, and memory, albeit constantly growing.

Think about it. At the very lowest levels of our universal model, everything is digital. Aside from spooky action in the distance, our universe is made up of very small particles (atoms) and waves. Both atoms and waves only exhibit properties once they interact with another particle or wave. What I'm trying to highlight is that the movement of particles and waves across spacetime isn't really movement, it's just the universe calculating when two items will collide, at which point the forces occurring at that point in spacetime pop into existence and recalculate their next collision. It's a genius way to build a four-dimensional world, really. Not only that, but particles and waves do not hold an infinite amount of informations. All elementary particles carry with them a very small amount of information: where they are, when they are there, what direction they're going, and how they're spinning. There's other stuff about uncertainty theory and all that, but the point is that elementary particles (of which a finite number exist in the universe) carry finite information.

The universe is broken up into an extremely massive number of little bundles of information, containing various different constantly changing values, that only alter their values or appear to move in space or time when they collide with another bundle. All of these bundles combine to form atoms, then molecules, then compounds, all they way up through objects and planets and solar systems to encompass everything in the universe. All of these bundles of information contain a finite amount of numerable information, and cannot transfer any information to another bundle beyond the speed of light.

Thus, I think it's clear that our universe's existence is the result of something in a higher dimension than ours. Stuff like spin-charge separation and quantum entanglement excite me as it seems like we're discovering our maker's hacky fixes/bugs in our universe.

I also tie this in to my proof that God exists, but that's for another post.
We're all just simulations inside the Atlas... Evil or Very Mad

Infinity is just an infinite amount of finite values, so the fact that the universe is made of finite values does not necessarily mean that it is not infinite, nor does it mean that it is. Thank you for coming to my ted talk. Razz
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