Hi Guys,
I want to make a futuristic tower defense game on the Casio Prizm.
At first, I want to make an endless mode, where the player has to fight against
waves of enemies. If I have enough time, I can develop a short story and start making
specific levels.

I have not finished anything jet, but I'm currently working on the basic gameplay.

I made a trello ist of all things, that have to be done, feel free to check it out.

If some artists wants to join on this project and create some futuristic pixel art, please contact me
via pm on cemetech or instagram.
Thank you for your time,
Cool! Could you post some screenshots later when you get it working? I would love to see how this turns out. I don't have a Casio Prizm, but I love Tower Defense games, so I would certainly check this out if I could!
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