I am learning to use the TI-89 Ttanium calculator. Following an instructional video, I invoked the log command from the Catalog menu. I type Log(4,2) to invoke a base 2 log function rather than base 10 log, as the instructor successfully does on his calculator. However, my calculator returned "Error - too many arguments." Can someone advise me about this?
Which OS version is your 89T running at the moment ? In the home screen where you enter computations, press F1 then a.
I tried log(4,2) on my TI 89 Titanium and it showed log2(4) with an answer of 2. My OS version is 3.10 07/18/2005 .
Yup, that's indeed why I wanted to check the OS version Raryel's calculator is currently running Smile

Upgrading to OS 3.10 brings several new minor capabilities such as this one, and seemingly improves USB transfer reliability. However, be sure to back up your files and FlashApps first, as the upgrade to a larger OS version can delete some of them.
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