Hi, looking for help connecting my ti83 through LPT1 port. Used to do it on old computer with win XP so i know that cable I made is good. TiLP doesnt see my calc and what im getting is dhahelper.sys error. I have this sys file in common files and in system32 directory. Im running win in special mode - allowing drivers without signature but i read that its not needed in 1.18 anymore... I looked all over many forums and cant find the answer. maybe here... thx in advance and sorry for my english!
Your English is rather good, don't worry Smile

From the libticables version corresponding to TILP II 1.16 onwards, the libusb-win32 drivers for USB devices do indeed no longer require disabling signature enforcement.
However, the serial and parallel drivers are another story... you're the first person in quite a while posting about using the parallel cable, on Windows, at that Smile
Vista x64 was supported, but 7... I don't remember, and I can't test myself: I have some old computers with parallel ports, but none of them runs the heavyweight, and unmaintained, Windows 7.
thx for your answer! i guess it will be easier to install linux on another partition than struggle with win7?
That may indeed be, though it's been over a decade since I last tested a ParallelLink / "$5 cable" on Linux.

In general, for modern computers, you should buy a SilverLink (TI-GraphLink USB) anyway Smile
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