Just about 2 years ago we launched our Cemetech Discord server. We now have 251 members, an 84 member increase from a year ago today. I wish I had a graph for you on growth but I do not.

As the server has grown, so has our bots. I first used mee6 for moderation, tracking, and ranks based on activity. Mee6 lacked a lot at the time, but it's gotten new features over the years and it's the only bot to be with us the entire time. I then added Arcane for better moderation.

Neither of these bots have been useful in the sense that I've needed them. I never really implemented level based roles and the server is pretty decent that moderation is super low.

I added Statbot yesterday to better manage the "Active" role, so members should have a better idea of who is around often. Before, you were given the active role after about 110 messages, but it was never removed if you didn't send any messages for months. We also have a bot to connect Discord to IRC (which has proven to be unreliable).

We have about 4 bots that all do something different on the server.

Which is where I come to you guys.

I think it would be great if we had a Cemetech made Discord bot that consolidated all of those bots into one. My idea is that it can be made by the community; it would be open source and anyone could add features to it. If some of you are interested I'll lay out some requests and y'all can get started!

  • Track message edits and deletes and post them in a designated channel
  • Have the ability to track who sends messages for role purposes (e.g. the `active` role)
  • Connect IRC to Discord, and support multiple channels
  • A web based dashboard
  • Self host-able on Cemetech
  • Ability to limit commands to certain channels
  • Soft-coded settings (config file/page to whitelist commands to channels or blacklist from channels, designate certain commands to certain roles such as admin commands)

    Other stuff, non-vital
  • Ability to echo messages to a channel (staff sends a command and the bot can post or edit its own message. For example, if we ever post rules then we can post it through the bot and update them through the bot, rather than waiting for the one admin who posted them to update the rules)
  • Reaction Roles
  • Self Roles
  • Karma tracking/Decbot integration
  • Multi-Server support, this may be something we also add to our CemetechMC Discord.
  • Mini-games

I've created a Repo here - https://gitlab.com/comic/cemetechdiscordbot
I will create a channel in Discord for those who want to work on this.

I recognize that this is very a much a "build this for me" request.
This sounds like a really good idea, though I'm not very experienced in bot making. Good luck to those making this though!
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