I have been working through a variety of issues while creating Doors CS 5.7 Beta 2, designed to be the most intelligent and advanced version of the shell yet. The bug reports have been coming in along with feature requests that have contributed greatly to the volume of features that will be included in the final version. Due to several requests from community members, Doors CS 6.0 will not include integrated CALCnet2 support, a decision that will accelerate Doors CS 6's release by at least a month. It will be available as a module about a month after Doors CS 6's release, in addition to earning full integration with DCS 6.1. The actionables I need to complete before 5.7 Beta 2 is released:

Scrollup anomaly
Writeback completion
ROM call inconsistency

If you have any experience with multipage Apps and bcalling between the pages, please let me know, as I am encountering some unexpected issues with them.
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