What is the best completed project of December 2019?
Ace Recon CE
 42%  [ 9 ]
Dino Run CE
 57%  [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 21

December was full of awesome projects and a great way to end off the year! Remember when we didn't know how much we'd miss 2019?
  • 'The first GOOD looking' TI Basic CE Snake Game: User 4k has started working on a snake game called Spicy Snake! The features list is pretty complete but go show your support on the thread if you want the author to post some screenshots or download!
  • Ace Recon CE: epsilon5 has updated his CC23 entry which was an awesome stealth focused spy game to version 1.0! The game's graphics looks very beautiful and the levels are well made. It even has a level editor so go check it out!
  • Calculatormon CE - A Pokémon game: Love Pokémon games? Then KellerWheat has you covered with a fantastic looking Pokémon game! This month they added several new items but are needing some help with map design. If you'd like to help them out or just want to get an awesome game, go visit the thread!
  • Dino Run CE (Chrome dino game clone): Although we still don't have internet on our calculators, that didn't stop commandblockguy from keeping offline gaming fun! With this accurate port of the beloved dino run easter egg from the Chrome browser, commandblockguy has replicated every graphic, hit block, and even day/night cycle! It's quite a fun game so go visit the thread for a download!
  • Grammer 2- The App: Xeda112358 just doesn't give up on updating their programming language for the TI-84 Plus, Grammer! Only a month after its 8th year of support, much better font support has been added. It's an awesome looking update so go check it out!
  • TI-84+CE Mode7 test (previously CSE): tr1p1ea has continued working on his 3D Mario Kart style game, Mode 7! This month he worked on adding multiple sprites to a scene at once and created the star power up! It's quite an awesome project so go visit the thread!
  • TI-Planet's "Project Builder" with online CE C/C++: Adriweb just barely squeaked in one more update before 2020 rolled around! For those who don't know, Project Builder is TI Planet's amazing online TI-84 Plus CE emulator and development tool. They've added support for C99, C11, and even C++17 along with other features!
  • Zilog Z8671 BASIC/DBG Pocket Computer: Botboy3000 may have took a long break from Cemetech, but that didn't stop them from getting right back into awesome projects! The goal is to create a pocket computer from scratch using a Zilog CPU, similar to the CPU used in the TI-83/84 Plus calculators! Botboy3000 has made some awesome progress with the hardware and it's definitely worth looking at the eye candy!

That's all for this month! Be sure to vote for your favorite completed project in the poll above!
Xeda112358 just doesn't give up on updating their programming language for the TI-84 Plus, Grammer!

Oof, I might be going on another six year hiatus, actually .__. I started a new job and I am very busy now and for the foreseeable future Sad On the other hand, I'm glad I put the code up on GitHub in case there are any bugs or additions that anyone wants to fix/add Very Happy
Just to re-surface this topic, the poll is very close! Be sure to submit your vote!
Nice work on this! These are all such great projects, the poll is neck to neck!
Quick Questions?

Why does it say December 2019 instead of March 2020?
Why are the dates so back?
Alvajoy123 wrote:
Quick Questions?

Why does it say December 2019 instead of March 2020?
Why are the dates so back?

We are slightly behind on these articles. The dates are back because we haven't caught up completely yet, and we have lives outside of here. Thankfully, we aren't as far behind as we were just a bit ago, we're actually almost completely caught up now but we are waiting on the December poll to finish in order to write the PotY 2019 and then on to the 2020 articles. These things take time to organize and write Smile
At first looked like there was going to be the 4th tie of the year, but Dino Run ended up claiming the win at the very end! 2019 PoTY is coming up soon, see you then!
To start, I want to say I'm happy to see this is on-going, something I started so long ago. Smile It brings me happiness there are still people that look forward to these posts.

I do want to say that I'm sorry I dropped it like I did. Depression is a killer of many things, and it took my ability to work on this and do a great many other things I loved to do. I look forward to seeing more of the posts and see what projects I've missed out on over the last.. long while. \o/
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