I am learning C for the TI-84 CE (I do have some knowledge about C in general, although I am still a beginner in making programs), and when I was trying to decompress sprites and to do the partial redraw, I was suggested to use gfx_MallocSprite() by https://github.com/CE-Programming/toolchain/wiki . So I wrote this (for decompression):

gfx_sprite_t *orange = gfx_MallocSprite(orange_width, orange_height);
zx7_Decompress(orange, orange_compressed);

/*code using orange*/


I compiled, and I first got the rows of all sorts of warnings I normally get (I don't know if that's normal when using wine on mac, but it normally works and I get the program) but it failed with this text:

P3: Internal Error(0x83BAF1):
Please contact Technical Support
make: *** [obj/Hworld.src] Error 255

I traced the problem down to the MallocSprite() part, and for partial redraw I made it work with gfx_TempSprite, but when working with sprite compression I wondered why that MallocSprite() doesn't work for me. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, or what is wrong in general?
I'm guessing that this is the issue: you have to declare all your variables in a scope before initializing any of them. Classic ZDS shortcoming.
I guess that was indeed the issue, as it works now. Thank you
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