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Ultimate Dev'r wrote:
What you need is QuickBASIC.

Do people even use that anymore?

I use it all of the time. Well, I use freeBASIC, but it's the same thing. I'm much better at it than C++.
Looks like freebasic is pretty well developed. (I looked it up on google)
Harq wrote:
Looks like freebasic is pretty well developed. (I looked it up on google)

Yeah, it works great. It is almost the same as QuickBASIC. Just a few minor changes (like pausing by milliseconds instead of seconds).

http://fbide.freebasic.net/ (a good IDE for it)
Do you know how fast it is relative to c++?
Waaaaaaay slower, supposedly. I've never programmed anything in it that speed was an issue, though. This isn't for z80s Very Happy

EDIT: I made these with it. I haven't played them for a while so I'm not sure how good they are. I thought they were awesome when I made them, though.

http://www.geocities.com/soad1101/balldrop.zip (Drop a ball in from the top and try to get it to land on the platform)

http://www.geocities.com/soad1101/acey.zip (A card game. Two cards are dealt down. You bet part of your chips that a third card will be between the two. If it is, you win what you bet from the pot. If you lose, you lose your bet. If the third card is the same as one of the first two, you lose twice your bet. You can only bet as high as the pot is and you can't bet more than half of your chips. Bet 0 to pass and not bet.) I have an improved version at school in QuickBASIC. I'll upload it if I remember.
I like the ball drop one Very Happy
Very Happy Thanks. It was my first "graphical" game. Before that, I only ever made text based javascript RPGs.
Harq wrote:
Do you know how fast it is relative to c++?
Only C or an equivalent, and ASM, in that order, can be faster than C++.
What makes c++ slower than c (does that mean that python is faster than c++ too?).
No, Python is slower. C++ is slightly slower because there's an extra layer of routines, object, and handlers. The higher-level a language is (generally), the slower it runs.
Ok, so that means that stuff like java (isn't that extremely high level?) run slower.
Harq wrote:
Ok, so that means that stuff like java (isn't that extremely high level?) run slower.

Java is slow because the JVM sucks. Wink

No, but seriously, C is fast because it is low level. C++ is *SLIGHTLY* slower because it uses higher level concepts like classes and dynamic strings (which add a bit of overhead as it can't really be tweaked for speed like C can). Java is slow because it is only byte-compiled, meaning the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) must "interperate" the byte code on the fly, and then run it in a psuedo virtual machine. Python is also byte compiled, but is actually a bit faster than Java because its routines are the direct C equivelent (meaning no virtual machine and crap, improving speed at the cost of security - not a problem since it can't be embedded into a web page). Python also has alternatives to the standard for() and while() loops that are implemented in C for drastic loop speed increases. Python can be further sped up through the use of JIT (Just In Time) compilers, which can speed up the code anywhere from 2 to 100 times the performance (general around a 4x speed improvement though)

However, while the difference between C and C++ in terms of speed are very minor (like 1% - if that), the difference between C and, say, Java or Python is HUGE
Ok, that is a really good explanation, thanks!

What is a just in time compiler?

Edit: Nevermind, wikipedia knows all Razz

Excellent description, Kllrnohj. Yup, while Java is considered a "popular" programming language, it's an extremely inefficient one due to the way it's implemented.
I found a nice site that compares all kinds of languages on different jobs. Here's the link. C whoops every other language at everything except for regular expressions (most likely due to lack of dynamic strings) and one other thing where it's fifth to some more obscure languages (ADA, NICE, Clean, Eiffel) and the one called "cheap-concurrency". I really like how the site compares them on different aspects, not just a few like other sites may/usually do.
Oooh, that site is awesome. The benchmarks sections is pretty helpful as well.... *bookmark*
*added to the vast collection of bookmarks*
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