It is the last one, so:
Code wrote:
If U>ʟWEEK(1) or (U=ʟWEEK(1) and O>ʟWEEK(2))

But with the version I sent you, you can make it even smaller, but what I there forgot was the following :
In the part I say:
Code wrote:

There should actuallly be:
Code wrote:

And then Sunday is both 0 and ~1:(Just the version I can get, right now)

:If W=5
:If W=6 or W=-1
:If W=0
:If W=1
@Privacy_Dragon: Thank you.

I have just finished uploading the video showing the Organizer's features onto Youtube.
And yet I found another bug that came from so much resizing it, so the version I sent yesterday via discord is still not correct.
I don't have the time though to test it right now, so maybe you should just use the version of which I didn't say was wrong...
I'm sorry for all the bugs...
I won't send the fixed version today, since I have no time to send it or test it, since I am already much too late with going to sleep.
Maybe yesterday I can send it, if nessecary.
It has now been done... the Organizer CSE/CE (version 2.0) has now been uploaded and should soon be ready to be downloaded!
Special thanks to Privacy_Dragon for his help (and his program) with the dayOfWk function replacement.
I'm sorry to announce that the newest version of the Organizer has a major error that stops you from viewing another month/year in the calendar. This error has now been fixed and the newest version is now waiting to be approved.

Also, I'm working on a new version (version 2.1 or something like that) of the Organizer. I plan on adding-in something that'll let you see, from the calendar, what dates have tasks entered for. I, sadly, do not really know how I would do this and I'm looking for some help.

Also, if anyone else has an idea for an update, please be sure to mention it on this topic.
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