Hi! Recently I've gained an interest in physics engines and how they function, so I made this demo to expand on my knowledge ( and also learn more about physics in general: I only took a basic class in high school and got not much out of it Razz )

Any further input on how these types of interactions should be implemented, and any problems in my code that I overlooked, would be greatly appreciated.

The code for this project can be found here, on Github.

Hah looks awesome, I cant really help as learning myself but looks good so far none the less! Using ICE?

Thank you!

No, this was made using the C toolchain.I'm not well versed in ICE or Basic Razz

I recommend familiarizing yourself with C! It's a very useful tool for complex programs on the CE.
Looks great and runs nicely too!

I've been wanting to do something similar - but not any time soon.

Looking forward to more progress.
You could also incorporate the rotation of the ball as well, like a ball that is turning and hits a wall would bounce off at an angle. Though if you're going for frictionless colissions that might not be relevant
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