I recently got a ti nspire touchpad after using the ti84cse for so long. It came with its ti 84 plus keypad.
When trying to transfer a basic program to the keypad, problems arose.

First, I used ti connect ce, but when I plugged it in, it came up as Unknown Device, OS 2.56. Is that right? One thing that definitely wasn’t right was its lack of ram. 0 kb! Then I took a screen capture of the calc’s screen. No problems there. But when I transferred a TI BASIC fizzbuzz program on there, the calculator stopped speaking to my pc and quit the transfer.

Then I used the original TI Connect to find device info. So I scanned for the device and found it. It actually recognized it as a “real” ti 84+se this time. But as soon as I selected it to transfer the program, the program froze and crashed.

Am I doing something wrong? Anything helps.

(P.S: I was using a usb cable because I don’t have a silver cable anymore.)
The only cable you can use is the Silverlink cable, sadly. I also have an Nspire Touchpad, and I also have to buy a Silverlink cable. The reason why it doesn't work is because TI never bothered emulating the USB, instead requiring you to use a Silverlink cable.
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