Bio_Hazard1282_rPi3 wrote:
I have the Bionic Blue one, since that one is very popular in my school. Not sure if mine has the faster flash, but I guess it depends on the serial. I don't want to take apart my calculator though, I fear I might screw it up somehow

KermMartian wrote:
You can definitely tell if yours has the faster flash without taking it apart. Try timing graphing the function in my video; it'll either be ~4-5 seconds or 11+ seconds.

Or you can look at the hardware revision Laughing if its M or N (N being the latest revision currently), its got the faster flash. If its any of the following revisions, it doesn't.
prototypes, pre-A, A0, A, B, B0, B1, C, D, E, F, I, J, L
Is the revision the last five digits on the serial on the back of the calc?
Bio_Hazard1282_rPi3 wrote:
Is the revision the last five digits on the serial on the back of the calc?

For production calcs, its [factory]-[MMYY][HW-rev]
so yours is from Kinpo in the Philippines (L), it was manufactured in May 2017 (0517) and it is hardware revision I, so it has the slower flash.
Too bad I got a slower flash. Time to look for the totally teal one with the white box.
While discussing CE colors in SAX, I found one of the weird green rev Js in the original packaging. The ebay seller did say that he had one in the packaging but wasn't able to find it. I'm still baffled that they packaged that and shipped it out Laughing

Those colors look terrible on that calculator.
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