One of many of my quarantine projects has been building a small-form-factor PC (a hackintosh) inside an old PowerBook 540c I had lying around. That'll be a post of its own. Razz Long story short, I'm building a custom laptop, battery powered and all.

During my search for a display to replace the old 8-bit color 1994 panel that was in there, I remembered about a broken iPad 2 I had in a closet. The battery stopped charging, but the display seemed fine. I successfully extracted the screen to find a single 30-pin ribbon cable connecting to the screen, seemingly controlling backlight and everything. Is this a standard connector of any kind that I can interface with? The motherboard I bought has a 40-pin LVDS header on it, but again, the iPad's connector is 30 pin. I found this which seems to reconcile 30 and 40-pin LVDS, but I think the 30 pin side is too large. There's not much chatter on the internet about reusing an old iPad screen either, but you guys probably know something I don't. Any ideas?
I'm seeing at least one controller board that claims it supports ipad 2 displays and suggests that the interface is indeed LVDS.

It looks like newer ipads use eDP displays but non-standard backlight setup which probably makes them a little harder to get a driver for.
Luckily you can get an LCD driver board for the iPad2 LCD - here is an example I believe

I know that this project used something similar:
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