Hello Cemetech users! It's good to be back on this site again! Every year, I make a Snake Arcade game for the TI-83/84+/SE graphing calculators. This year, I'm excited to announce that Snake Arcade Generation IV is in the making. This time, SnkArc4 will be the best yet. It will feature a much better GUI compared to the previous versions. It also includes Xeda_Elnara's Seed Encryption algorithm to prevent save data tampering.


Input "KEY:",A
Lbl 1
Goto Y
Lbl 2
Lbl Y
Lbl Z

In this game, it will include five different game modes:

Space Snake
▪ Close-In (found this game somewhere, forgot where)
▪ Free-Run (Like Close-in, except the walls do not shrink)

This game's predecessor is Snake Arcade Generation 3 v1.17. The game is expected to be smaller with some features removed.
To be removed:

▪ XP and level system; to be replaced with a score count
▪ Store sale; to be removed to enable TI-83 Plus/SE capability
▪ App variable update process; to be removed to prevent corruption and user frustration
▪ Game mode removed: Demented snake and to be replaced with Close-In snake and Free-Run
▪ "Downloadable Content"; to be removed since it isn't needed.

I am soon going to post the program(s) of my current progress. Both programs (the program to register a user and the main program) will be sendable to your calculator. These are the current features implemented so far:

▪ User registration
▪ Awesome title screen
▪ Save Data reading and copying to main game lists
▪ Main menu selection
▪ Options menu (with only the Background option implemented for changing)

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them below! All comments and suggestions are appreciated!
Contribute to the project here: http://sc.cemetech.net/?hash=c1eTxQnQGDtmAURkYMg45s0X94MM
Download the program in progress here: http://tibasicdev.wikidot.com/archive:snake-arcade-iv-demo
Or export from Source Coder 3.
I look forward to seeing how the project works out!! Good job so far.
Sounds cool, although Snake games tend to get boring rather quickly. But Iíll be interested to see where you take this one, looks like youíve been getting better at coding! Keep up the good work!
Hopefully, this one people will like most, I'm putting a lot of work into the GUI, backgrounds, and graphics.

Below is a demo of it so far. At some point in the gif I had to switch back to the keypad because I'm still getting used to working with the keyboard.
I have completed the Options menu. Next up on the list is Data then Scores.
If you want the updated changes, please let me know by PMing me or posting a reply.
I've added the updates, but the main game is NOT complete. Four of 5 games are coded, ready to paste. Once everything is complete, this will be far less then SnkArc4's predecessor. SnkArc3 was 14.5kB, and this will be around 6-7.5kB in memory. Hopefully, this shouldn't cause problems when grouping.

If for some reason the calculator changes random bits and causes errors, please PM me or email me at biohazard1282@gmail.com. I'll work on these updates as soon as I can!

Once this is complete, SnkArc4 will be a program. It will not be inside an app var where you need an additional program to make it a program. The program(s) will not be inside a group. This measure is taken to prevent corruption. This program should work on the TI-83 Plus, TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus, and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. Even though it is compatible with the TI-83 Plus, I recommend you run it on a TI-83/84 Plus Silver Edition for maximum performance. If you do not own any SEs, you can use an emulator of one instead. The program(s) do not contain any time or date commands and should work correctly on the 83 series (excluding the original 83).

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below.
The link to the project is here: http://sc.cemetech.net/?hash=QfxTeoRNfNNQRzD6EyeLzY7hOIff

You may download previous versions of this game here: https://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/473/47310.html
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