so I made my first ever 3d thingy! A raycaster has been a goal of mine for a while, and I finally managed to get it done! This has taken about two weeks of work Very Happy and my my has it been frustrating. The main problem was optimization, because getting a raycaster to work is easy, but getting it to work fast is a whole other issue... So instead of incrementing by a fixed velocity when casting rays I had to do some fancy witchcraft with hopping along gridlines to only check boundaries... yeah. There are still a couple bugs to be sorted out- like getting to close to a wall- but overall I think it turned out pretty good!

I plan on continuing this project by making a 3d maze generator! Which has also been a goal of mine for a while.

Anyways here's what you all came for... Screenshots!
(the gif format makes it look a bit worse then it actually is)

Anyways let me know your thoughts, comments, and suggestions!

and heres the link to the screenshot directly... it doesnt seem to be appearing for me!
You can fix the fisheye effect when you get close to walls by scaling the walls according to the distance from the line perpendicular to the player's angle, passing through the point you are checking (rather than the distance directly) to the player's position along the vector defined by the player's position and angle. Otherwise, looks good.
The screenshot is the streaming software?

Link works though, looks cool!
Might want to fix the embed screenshot as it's not animated, but the link looks great! Nice work!
Ok I fixed the fisheye effect mentioned and also added better movement. This movement really resembles that of minecrafts and feels really good. The only bug left to fix is when the player gets to close to the wall appears with white lines on it...

here's the new screenshot

That looks good, uses libsdl from some games ? Eg: Assault Cube
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