Writing a super simple wacom intuos 3 driver for sprite-building and drawing on my TI-84+.

But when I plug in an HID device, (tablet, mouse or keyboard, doesn't matter) and open USBDRV8X as an app, it starts writing raw hex to the screen. It helps me decipher how my wacom is sending data to the calc. For example, xxx0xxxxxx xxx1xxxxxx etc. tell me the status of the pen. Pen down, up, which button is being pressed on the pen itself.
As I am not wanting anything super complicated, like using the tablet buttons, I just want to be able to pass this to an Axe program for parsing. I don't want to have to learn all the ins and outs of USB, like "pipes" or whatever. Not interested. If USBDRV8X is able to output raw data to the screen, there must be an Axe-compatible hexcode to just store it to Ans as a string or something.

Edit: Fixed the textwalliness of the post, and a spelling error. Also, by "Axe-compatible" I mean:
In the past I've tried using hexcodes inside Axe programs using Asm( like it says I can do in the reference. It doesn't give me any errors or anything, it just doesn't work as expected.
I typed it as an AsmPrgm in a sepeate program, and tested it on its own. It worked, so I used Rcl to recall the hex into the Axe program, so I know it wasn't typed incorrectly or anything. I also typed it with and without C9 to no avail.
So I can only assume Axe just needs hexcodes to be made specifically with Axe in mind.
Double-posting since it's been about a day or so.

I started trying to build something in Mimas, but since it doesn't support macros I would've had to manually convert the .inc to Z80, which I'm too much of a noob to do. I gave up at that point.

My next thought is just to disassemble the app and see if I can learn something from that, but it's time consuming and complex, so I'm not gonna do that either.

Any help is appreciated.
I haven't touched anything usb8x related in years but I do recall it is open source, no need to disassemble anything:

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