Just post a few pictures of your pets

Here's one of my dogs :

His name is Oliver
He is a boy and is 2 years of age (still a puppy in my heart)
And he is a Cavachon Mix (Bichon Frisé & Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

(you can click to see full picture)
Here is a pic of one of mine. His name is Dio and he's less than a year old.

He's a huge sweetheart. He loves everybody and everything. He's a trash can too, since he loves to try to eat trash and dog poop. He doesn't like technology too. If you are on your computer or phone, he knocks it out of your hand with his paw. Then while you are holding his paw with your hand he'll put his head in your hands our between your legs. His howls are adorable too.

Bio_Hazard1282_rPi3 wrote:
Here is a pic of one of mine.

awwe, he's so scruffy!
I used to have a Shetland Sheepdog when I was a baby but it died when I was still really young. I don't have a picture at the moment but here's one similar:

Other than that, I once babysat a cockatiel for a month or so and he really liked me lol. My family tried out a boxer/bulldog mix for about a week or so too once, but that didn't work out in the end

She’s old. Like 10 human years old.
Her name is Rose, and she’s either a Russian Blue, or a Nebelung.
Rose appears to be a bionic cat. Very Happy Thanks for sharing your pets, guys; they're a balm to a poor apartment-dwelling non-pet-haver like myself.
I also want to have a dog but my parents don't allow me.
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