Do you agree that face-to-face communication has taken second place to phone communication? How often do you see your friends in real life?
Whenever I want to
Friends? What friends?
An adequate amount.
Only when I need money.

Just kidding, it depends of various factors such as their availability and weather (I usually don't go out much during Winter and didn't go out much overall since the pandemic started except recently.)
(squeezes his eyes) Friends? What is that?

Joke aside, Recently I do meet friends via Internet more, but I still hope to meet them IRL as often as possible. After all, some emotions cannot be conveyed via text and graphics.

Also I don't have many friends IRL, so this doesn't annoy me much, heh.
Right now it's hard (or so we think) to find free time to meet in person. We communicate in messengers, there we congratulate each other with all the holidays and worry if something happens to a friend. This is both good and bad at the same time. On the one hand we can always be in touch, we can show our life with great videos and photos. But on the other hand, sometimes it's more important to just show up
Michael2_3B wrote:
Friends? What friends?

I don't have any, but if I had a friend then I would meet them online.
My best friend is actually someone Geekboy1011 invited to Omnimaga who happened to live in the same city where I used to be, only 16 miles apart at the time.
I'm still in school so I see my "friends" everyday but my best friend I see like once a month and online occasionally. Wish we could meet up more but we dont go to school together.
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