So I saw some people sharing their desk setups in sax earlier, so I thought hey why not start a thread for them? I'm interested to see y'alls general workspaces, even if you're working from home (which you should be).

Here's mine as of the past week:

I don't have a proper desk setup in my bedroom, but this works out pretty good. I've also gotten into streaming and making videos a bit more so that's what the camera's for.

Feel free to share your workspace!
I thought my desk was ghetto 😂

I haven't really had any incentive to improve my desk. But maybe after I'm done cleaning and organizing the rest of my apartment I'll do the office next. I plan to get a better desk eventually...

My PPC Mac setup for this week while I try to use my PPC Macs as much as possible and my MacBook as little as possible. :3

Machines: iBook G3, Power Mac G4, and a Mac Mini G4

My MacBook is to the left of the frame and the Power Mac is below the desk.

Here's mine:
Here's mine. Please don't judge the mess, I plan to clean up this weekend.
I was going to tidy up and make it look nicer, but I figured the point of the thread is to show what it actually looks like, not some fake setup Wink Also, I didn't feel like cleaning it up

No picture right now, but here it is (worth around 1/20 of most other setups here, but I like it anyway):
-Raspberry Pi 3B+, dual boot with Raspbian and Retropie, 32 GB MicroSD card
-Logitech wireless USB mouse
-an old ViewSonic monitor that I'm using with the Pi through a HDMI->VGA adapter
-an HP USB keyboard that seems to have come with a computer from around 2000, judging by the Windows logo on the keyboard
-some more peripherals that I'll list if anyone's interested
It has worked well for the time being, and allows me to be pretty productive, since the Pi freezes and crashes if I have too many programs open at once. And I can play Metropolis Street Racer with Reicast when I'm not doing schoolwork.
Here's mine:

I need moar monitors now that I'm mostly using this laptop at home.
What was that about being messy?
Not having a flat surface ensures mess doesn't get in the way.
A tiny desktop for relaxation...

What was that about messiness-ness?
Y'all hotlinking to discord attachments (commandblockguy, King Dub Dub); that doesn't work. I assume discord blocks hotlinking, and it appears to work for you for some caching-related reason.
Tari wrote:
Y'all hotlinking to discord attachments (commandblockguy, King Dub Dub); that doesn't work. I assume discord blocks hotlinking, and it appears to work for you for some caching-related reason.

The images appear just fine for me, not sure what you're seeing (or not seeing rather) but I'm not seeing any issues

fghsgh: now that it's the weekend, I really hope you are cleaning that all up Razz
I see a broken image:

But on further investigation Privacy Badger was blocking, so adjusting that fixes it. So apparently it was just a problem on my end. Smile
I especially love the radio
My PC happens to be where our family's TV is, so I use it as my main monitor Smile.
My desk is a bit too small for everything on it Razz

Don't mind the turret. He's friendly.
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