As some of you know, over the past week or so, we have been struggling with deteriorating TPS conditions, including server crashes, at least once a day. In an attempt to shed some light on this using actual statistics, we began to run some debug profiler sessions, targeting various areas of the server. We have detailed tick-time statistics of: the Enderman Farm, MobMayhem, Spawn (Baseline), and some of the most industrialized bases on the server. This information has been presented in csv and graph format thanks to the diligence of iPhoenix and commandblockguy, who generated the graphs and assisted in decoding the cryptography of the debug profiler output file. At the link below, you can see the usage statistics:

In addition, we have compiled a list of the 3 biggest causes of lag to the server.
1) Villagers. Their AI is a lag-fest. We strongly urge players to cut back on their village quantities (a max of 30 to a base seems fair) and we reserve the right to lobotomize trading halls with a NoAI tag if we need to further cut back on lag.
2) Hoppers. Hoppers are a significant drain on server resources. They are constantly tickBlocking themselves, looking for empty slots to deposit items into, items to absorb. A full hopper pointing into a full chest iterates a slot check ~100 times per second. Multiply this by the number of hoppers in a typical storage unit, then multiply that by the number of bases scattered throughout the server. We recommend that you utilize sorting system designs that lock all hoppers, or use manual storage.
3) Farms in General. Fully automatic farms typically rely on tickBlock or AI mechanics to do their job, and as such eat up server resources. While we won't ask you to lobotomize your farms, please be reasonable with their sizes. There is no need for a 1200/hr yield bamboo farm for a player who uses maybe a few stacks in a day of playing.

While unrelated, we also cataloged some issues that may affect the FPS of some players (be aware that TPS is a measure of server load, FPS a measure of client load).
1) Replace chests with barrels. They are easier on GPUs to render.
2) Minimize your use of skulls in an area. Skulls are considered tile entities and cause FPS issues.
3) Signs are also another type of tile entity that can bog down your client when you move within text-render-distance.

For the full details on these suggestions, see the link:
Great work! I'm relieved to see that the enderman farm turns out to be relatively benign. I suspect the bigger issue there is not server performance, but user FPS, as having a lot of XP orbs around is murder on FPS. Fortunately, it's not a terrible problem, as you can simply wait for the orbs to dissipate.
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