Anyone interested?
 76%  [ 10 ]
 23%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 13

It will be awful by comparison to the original.
I dont think it has to be that much garbage compared to the original, especially if you do it in C
I'm terrible at optimization.
Add moar information pls Razz
Re: Optimizations: You'll get it in time. Took me a few years to get it lol
Are you planning on putting your code on github, so that people can look at it and contribute?
Just using github for hosting; at least until everything is working.
Wolfenstein CE wrote:

When uploading, don't use the "Upload file" option on github. Also, putting .8xp (and other binary) files in the commits is bad form and should be put under the "Releases" tab instead. Commandblockguy started a helpful forum on this topic, found here.

Best of luck on the project and I look forward to future updates!
Sounds like a cool project!

Are you starting from scratch or are you literally looking to port the actual wolf3d codebase over?
Starting from scratch.
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