This is a port from the Casio CG50 that is on going on this thread / post, which consists in a Electronics Calculator for some components and currently is being developed on TI CXII-T non-cas :

It will provide same functionality as the Casio and is written in BASIC, please read the description on the link for further details.

For now just Resistive Diivider:

- Vout= Vin*(R2/(R1+R2))

- Added simple / single condition for zero input for typing error
- Approximate result for Vout.
- Use optimization sugested by Izder456 for Disp value in same line... not seen in the manual... Thanks


- Added link for git repository for future updates for now on



Define rdiv()=
:Disp "Resistive Divider"
:Request "Vin?",vin
:Request "R1?",r1
:Request "R2?",r2
:If r2=0 Then
: Disp "Error Div Zero"
: Goto end
:Disp "Vout="&string(vout)
:Lbl end:
:Disp "End"

Later i'll put on git repo for further and easier updates:
Is this in Ti-BASIC?
If so, this could be ported to the older nspire's like the ones you see in schools [or at least mine]


EDIT: oops didn't read guess it IS in Ti-BASIC, and it can be ported, with the loss of colour... oh well.

the code could be optimised to this :


Define rdiv(vin, r1, r2)=
Disp "Resistive divider"
// Request "Vin?",vin <--can be passed in as arguments
// Request "R1?",r1  ^^
// Request "R2",r2  ^^
Disp "Vout="&string(vout)
// Disp vout // dont need this anymore because of string appending with &
Thank you for you're attention and optimizations. i'm fairly new to the BASIC and just getting started. i'll update the code later on
malagas_fire wrote:
Later i'll put on git repo for further and easier updates:

link to repo?
Izder456 wrote:
link to repo?

It's on the description of first post:

I've updated recently and added a crude menu using text to represent menu choices and a Request input . Also added the R2/(R2+R1) approximation. it is now faily close to the original one on the Casio CG50.
Update on repository :

- Added know list of resistors values.
Update: Added Resistor Color Codes as Option 3
Added some pauses between resistor color codes using getKey(1), to mimic Disps as in the CG50
malagas_fire wrote:
Update: Added Resistor Color Codes as Option 3
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