Hello everyone!

I know it's been along time that I've been away, but I finally decided to get my act together and make something that requires me to use my brain. Specifically: Learning C.

Now, I have a few ideas for possible games, but I want to start slowly. I think that a good goal for me right now is replicating one of my graphical programs, specifically Lightning. It hopefully won't be a huge problem.

Now, I do have a few questions. I have the toolchain installed from GitHub, and I've successfully built the Hello World program that this says to. However,:

1. Does the place that I open the command prompt window matter? I.e. if I right click and get the powershell open in a different folder, and type "make", will it attempt to compile/make/do something in that folder?
2. How do I write programs in C? Do I need a certain program to type in C, or is it as simple as using Notepad?
3. I see a .md extension in there. I've tried to open it, but my computer doesn't have the necessary application to do so. Is this for calc-side only, is it important to me, and what is it?
.md is a readme; use notepad or notepad++
1. Yes it does. You have to open powershell/cmd in the root directory of your project. (or where ever your keeping your makefile).

2. Text editors work fine (I use Notepad++ personally). You can try out different C/C++ IDE's and they should all work for what you are trying to do. (Just make sure to save your code as a ".c" file)

3. Just right click the ".md" file and click "Edit." Or if you are using a certain text editor or IDE (i.e., besides Notepad), you can scroll down to "Open with" and select your application.
In that case, got a good place to point me too so I can learn C?
https://beej.us/guide/bgc/. Learn this. Best resource (by far) I've found online.

Also, since the C libraries for the 84+CE is slightly different than say, ANSI C (i.e., C89), you won't be able to directly program the code from the link I provided onto your calculator. However, apart from some syntax, all the core stuff is the same (variables, structs, pointers, functions, etc.).

If you want to start programming C directly for the TI84+CE/TI83+CE, then I highly recommend looking at the wiki here.

Good luck!
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