What is the best completed project of June 2019?
Bejeweled CE
 44%  [ 4 ]
Binary Grid for the TI-83+ series
 0%  [ 0 ]
Blast File Integrity Software
 44%  [ 4 ]
Game of Game of Life
 0%  [ 0 ]
ICE Commands
 0%  [ 0 ]
Life Simulator
 11%  [ 1 ]
Superstar Hero, an action-JRPG made in RPG Maker 2003
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 9

June of last year was very busy, with a ton of great projects being worked on and completed. Without further ado, here are the monthís projects:

  • An XTREME Golf Game: slimeenergy showed off this puzzle game, where you try to get the ball to the goal. It has a bunch of tiles with different functions and some great visuals, so go check out the screenshots in the thread!
  • Bejeweled CE: calclover2514 uploaded his game Bejeweled CE to the archives, based on the classic jewel-swapping game of the same name. This game is very complete with tons of features, including multiple game modes, so go give it a download!
  • Binary Grid for the TI-83+ series: Jeffitus finished the first version of the game Binary Grid, where you switch binary values to equal their decimal representations. As this game uses the homescreen, it is compatible with many different calculators, so go download it for your model of choice from the archives!
  • Blast Calculator Security Suite (now called Blast File Integrity Software): ACagliano put the finishing touches on this fully rewritten utility for the CE, useful for monitoring whether your files have been tampered with or even contain dangerous code. Check out the thread and documentation included with the download for more info!
  • C SDK and Libraries for the TI84+CE/TI83PCE: MateoConLechuga and everyone else working on the toolchain released version 8.6 of the CE C toolchain, with the highlight of this release being FontLibC, which won last month's completed project poll. Go download the toolchain and see what kinds of awesome projects you can make!
  • Calculatormon CE - A pokemon game: KellerWheat posted an update on his impressive pokemon game for the CE. This month he added compressed sprites and improved graphics. Go check out the screenshots in the thread and show some support for the project!
  • CEmu - A CE Emulator: CEmu v1.3 was released this month. Some notable updates include custom keybinds and improved emulation, so go download this latest release for all your debugging needs!
  • Cesium: MateoConLechuga posted some small updates to his popular shell for the CE. This update lets you jump to labels when editing a program, as well as more bugfixes, so go make sure you have the latest version!
  • Colossal Cave Adventure CE: DrDnar began work on a port of Colossal Cave Adventure, the first text-based adventure game dating from 1975. Go and check out this classic game for yourself through the link in the thread!
  • DIY Raspberry Pi Zero Powered Game Controller: matkeller19 continued work on this hardware project, where he is attempting to construct a retro style wireless game controller. The thread has all kinds of pictures of his progress, so go and show some support for the project!
  • Game Of Game Of Life: slimeenergy started and finished this game based on the Game of Life, where you have to select which cells will be alive in the next iteration. The game is complete and in the archives, so go ahead and try it for yourself!
  • ICE Commands: slimeenergy wrote a simple yet very useful tool for ICE programmers, which includes documentation for every command in ICE, a color picker, and keycode diagram. If you code using the popular ICE compiler on-calc, this may help you remember all the commands, so check it out!
  • Life Simulator: bdoggamer continued to work on this text-based adventure game that simulates (you guessed it) a personís life. The game has a ton of features, so go and try out the released game!
  • Project Starfury: Iambian began work on this shoot-Ďem-up, where your ship is completely customized. Check out the thread to see the cool screenshots and show support for the project!
  • Skyrim CE Mega Progress Update: kg583 posted another update on his Skyrim game for the CE. While the updates donít have anything to show graphically, it still looks like great progress is being made on this ambitious project. See the forum post for more details on what is being worked on!
  • Spherical Voxel World Game.: c4ooo started working on a game he plans on being like a mix of Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program. The screenshot at the beginning of the thread is quite impressive, so go check it out!
  • Superstar Hero, an action-JRPG made in RPG Maker 2003: xlibman put the finishing touches on and released his RPG game on Steam. There are links to both the game and soundtrack in the most recent post, so show him some support in the thread!
  • TILP: beta-testing...: Lionel Debroux posted some updates to TILP, the widely used third party linking software for TI calcs. There are lots of updates and fixes, so make sure youíre using the latest version!
  • Writing a compiler.: _iPhoenix_ posted about designing his own language and compiler. The post details what he has learned throughout the process, so maybe you can learn something too!

Thatís all for this month! Remember to vote for your favorite completed project in the poll above, and stay tuned for the July PotM!
I've got to say, Life Sim is my favorite of these! I have always been a sucker for simulators, and was even thinking about doing this myself until I saw bdoggamer's post.
But then my second favorite would have to be ICE Commands. It's always nice to see on-calc tools being developed for new languages! Graphing Calculator Good Idea
Our members' willingness to work on cool projects during summers continues to amaze and impress me, although I certainly spent an inordinate amount of time during my teen summers finding libraries where I could jot down bits of ASM code. It's hard to single out any particular of these projects that I like more than the others; I'm happy to see more hardware projects popping up, and I love the fidelity of some of the ez80 C programs being created. It makes me even more sad than I've already been at my lack of time to make some ez80 C programs of my own. Also, I have to give major props to Jeffitus for being on the team of dedicated editors helping us catch up on our missing PotM posts. Keep up the good work!
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