I'm not sure I am the only one having this problem as I have not seen anyone else ever mention it. The problem, as seen in the title, is that checking the automatically login box doesn't seem to work (for me). Whenever I'm on the homepage, the top left banner says that I am logged in and I have the option to do all the normal things someone logged in can do. However, the SAX only says
7:29:39 PM [ERROR] lost connection (null)
7:29:39 PM [ERROR] failed to authenticate (null)
The times on this refresh every 20-40 seconds or so. Likewise, if I try to go to any other page such as a forum post or the downloads, it shows that I am not logged in. Returning back to the homepage, however, says that I still am logged in. This isn't too much of an inconvenience as I can simply click login again, I just felt I should report this as a possible bug. I have tried clearing all browsing data (Chrome 80.0.3987.122) multiple times as well as using other computers to no avail.
I've also been experiencing this issue. It typically occurs for me when I'm switching network connections (different WiFi's or from WiFi to cellular data and vice versa). It's happened on both my iPhone X and Surface Book using Firefox.
I have had this issue as well. I use the same solution you did: logout and just log back in.
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