lirtosiast wrote:
Or this?
sum(1+int(10fPart(.06039591e^(seq(inString("GKBCQFM HVDJZWPXY",sub(Str1,X,1)),X,1,length(Str1

How about this?

Calculate Scrabble Score of Word in 51 bytes (49 using Ans for input)
Inputs: Str1
Output: Score in Ans

For -8 bytes

Changes A between 1 And 0.


G= <Keycode>  xor A→A
DragonScholar71 wrote:


Changes A between 1 And 0.


G= <Keycode>  xor not(A→A

Did you literally just post not(A→A? Laughing
Yes i did, im not the best with optimization and to be honest, i only went over this in my head after the optimization. if it makes you happy, here's the parenthesis version.


(G= <Keycode>  xor A)->A
I guess I should leave this here.

Detect if code is running on a monochrome or color calc
none, if condition is true, then its color

If det(angle([[~1

This relies on a parser bug which was fixed between 2.55MP and 4.0. (more specifically between 84C-012 and 84C-020)
This is angle mode-agnostic because [3.14159] and [180] are both non-zero.
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