I've finally decided I want a viewscreen calc, just for fun. Any advice on how to find them on eBay? It's difficult having to go through each listing's pictures every time. Every VS calc besides the TI-81 and 83 SE (only black 83 SEs have the port) is almost identical to non VS models except the back casing. Thanks!
Some quick facts that are good to know about viewscreens:
  • All TI-92s and V200s have a viewscreen port
  • Viewscreens for the TI-82 (almost exclusively revision R), TI-81 and TI-73[explorer] are very common.
  • Viewscreens for the TI-85, TI-84+SE, TI-86 and TI-83[+] are less common, but not rare.
  • Viewscreens for the TI-80 and TI-89[Titanium] are very hard to find.
  • The TI-Nsprie series connects to the nsprie viewscreen using the USB port.
  • The TI-84 plus SE Viewscreens have a black back so they can be relatively easily spotted, and they only made them with the light gray faceplate on the front.
  • The TI-89 Titanium Viewscreens have a black piece of plastic stinking out of the top so they can also be relatively easily spotted.
  • All the ".fr" calculators (84 pocket.fr, 83+.fr[USB], TI-82 STATS[.fr] and 76.fr) and the TI-82 Plus, TI-82 Advanced, TI-84 Plus[-T][CSE][pocket SE][CE[-T]] and TI-83 Premium CE and all the color nspries don't have any viewscreen variants.

TI-89 Titanium VSC with the piece of plastic on top:

TI-84+SE black back:

Also, if you're looking on ebay, most people selling them aren't aware of exactly what it is, so you'll often see things like "with computer link port", so searching with those keywords can sometimes be good, but also just searching for something like "viewscreen calculator" returns a handful of relevant results as well.

You're not gonna find any, but none of the PLT prototypes have any viewscreen ports.
Adding to mr womp womp's info:

Except for the TI-89 Titanium and ones with permanent VSC cables, the front of VSC editions are identical to the regular versions.

TI-81 and TI-85 VSC editions with the permanent grey cable are considerably more common than ones with a detachable port. The latter is more work to find since it is not immediately visible from the front. Too bad if they have no pictures of the back.

The slip cover will never be on the back of the TI-81, TI-85, and boxy TI-82 VSC editions. Not sure if the slip cover fits 83, 86, and 89 (non-titanium) VSC calculators since the port still sticks out to a lesser degree.

TI-80 VSC with revision A or B are exceedingly rare. In fact, none have been documented.

In rare cases, the viewscreen port of a TI-92 will be inaccessible (sealed). IIRC, this is for some European variants.

I can attest to the fact that many sellers misidentify the viewscreen port. When I bought my TI-81 VSC, it had a generic picture of the TI-81 front and described a “link port”. Since the 81 cannot have any other ports, you can look up the TI 81 VSC by searching for “link port” in title and description.

Some other names for it:
Display port
Teacher version
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