Hey everyone. I've been trying to compile a fixed version of spasm-ng for windows for about 2 weeks. I tried everything except for VC(saved that for last) because that seemed the most difficult. But as it turned out that was the most easiest. So after all that time I finally have a fixed version of spasm-ng compiled for Windows. Mr Green

The bug causes an error any time an app name isn't 8 bytes long. Shock

exporter: error SE504: Name field missing

If you want the fixed version for linux you'll have to compile it yourself. The steps are quite simple as long as you install all the required libraries first. You'll
have to clone this branch of the repo first. If you do not know how to clone a specific branch check this forum for details. Laughing

After some trial and error I finally got the build to work without any dependencies. Thanks to @Geekboy1011 for testing the build out. Enjoy.

Every app I know of pads their names to 8 characters long, either with spaces or nulls. Whether this is/was ever actually required on hardware, I don't know. But it seems ubiquitous enough to me that I would recommend doing it. Even if the OS never actually required it, I wouldn't be surprised if community-made tools that enumerate apps expect it.
The OS requires the "app name" field, which is marked with
 .db $80,$4X,"name"
... where X is the length of the name. For example, if you want to call your app "foo", then the proper entry would be
 .db $80,$43,"foo"
Although there isn't really a difference with just writing
 .db $80,$48,"foo     "
... but you might need to squeeze every single byte to make your app fit on a specific number of pages.
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