I had to buy a TI-Nspire CX CAS for school, so I didn't really know about other TI calculators.
But when the whole "TI removes ASM support" story came I thought: "Wow, there was ASM support for other Calculators!".
I wanted to make an assembler for the Nspire series.
"Couldn't be that hard" Very Happy .
So much later, I finished.
This is n-as, a on-calc arm assembler for the TI-Nspire using Ndless and Lua.
The actual assembler (and running the assembled code) is in C, and the UI is in Lua.
The assembler is also a standalone library, so you can use it for something else.
Next is a on-calc C compiler. Can't be that hard Very Happy .

I Just saw this project and it looks neat. Good Job Good Idea
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