I haven't been able to break my 84,450 score, but I've managed to get close. I figured I'd just upload some proof of at least getting close, my honor is at stake here! Not my honor as a gamer, just my trustworthiness, and that means a lot to me.

The timestamp says it's from 11:47 PM, I'm surprised I was even functioning that well then!

The fact that everyone is discussing how to cheat is hysterical to me, by this point there is no foolproof way to prove my score, and even video evidence could be tampered with. Stop giving the hackers ideas! Razz
Yeah, it is difficult to prove some of these scores, especially since the source is now available. But that looks legitimate to me, as the accuracy, shots fired, high score, and so on all look like they should.

The update (1.1.0) has not yet been accepted, but the patch notes are available on the previous page for those who would like to look at them. In other news, I started work on 2.0.0, which will include new things such as implementing most of commandblockguy痴 features and bossfights, which should be interesting. Preliminary testing has shown that there is about a 5-6 FPS increase across the board compared to 1.0.0, as well as the program being roughly the same size as 1.0.0, but including all of 1.1.0痴 new features, new ships, etc.

If you have any suggestions for 2.0.0, post them here and I値l try to implement them. I知 hoping to get 2.0.0 out before CC24, which is rumored to be in March sometime. That will probably be the final update to the game, unless there are any bug fixes I have to make.
1.1.0 is available in the archives as of late yesterday, so please download it here if you haven't tried it out already or would like to upgrade to the latest version: https://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&path=/84pce/asm/games/HailStormCE1.1.0.zip

I added a couple new settings (starfield off and the hard mode) that weren't saved in the appvar in the previous version, so let me know if that broke anything with the 1.0.0 appvar and I will make a fix for it.
Great job on the update, after playing this for a bit, I have found you some bugs 'n things!

-Upon dying, if any key is held down on the keypad, the game freezes until all keys are released.
-After firing, the fire button stops working until any other button on the keypad is pressed
-bullets do not reload until all five shots are spent (although this might be a feature, I'm not sure)

Favorite things:
-The clear-screen powerup animation is well-made!
-The shield flickering is a nice warning mechanism.

So far that's all I have to say, good luck on 1.2.0/2.0.0 or whatever comes first!
I致e done some more work on 2.0.0, here are the highlights:
-code restructuring, which I have done a decent amount of. There are still some places where more functions could be used, but I think I知 going to leave that pretty much as is for the time being
-bossfights, which are still in need of some work but are already pretty fun, I have the activation method, AI targeting, AI maneuvering, scoring system, health system, and collisions systems all worked out for that now. I値l probably add some new maneuvers the AI can take as well
-new ship, made by KingDubDub

To do:
-fix bugs
-add a new statistic for time played (in minutes, most likely), this will unlock the new ship
-more things as requested

I値l post a screenshot tomorrow on the forums assuming everything goes according to plan, and probably another on Discord before that. If you have any feature requests, now is the time to request them.
The new update is still coming sometime soon. If you're wondering why it hasn't been released, it's mostly because I don't have access to my primary computer any more, I've been using a Raspberry Pi for the last week or so. I will get the main computer back tomorrow, and hopefully will be able to start working on HailStorm again at that point. I also have a few new game ideas that I hope to start soon, and should have more time to do so since I'm going to be home for the foreseeable future.
Version 2.0.0
HailStorm 2.0.0 is coming very soon now, here are some of the highlights:

Throughout the game, you can now choose to fight bosses if you want. These bosses have random speed, fire speed, bullet speed, ship, health, and strength, and can also do different maneuvers, such as firing shots across the whole screen, or targeting the player. They also have two different firing patterns, a single shot and a scatter shot. If you beat one, you'll be rewarded with a lot of points, and more health as well.

Performance improvements
I followed a lot of CommandBlockGuy's suggestions, and the program now hits a maximum of around 41 FPS on my calculator, and only drops to around 29-30 when there is the maximum number of asteroids on the screen, and sometimes down to 27-29 in bossfights (atan2 and AI in general is slow).

New ship and statistic
KingDubDub made a new ship that I added to the game, and to unlock it, you will have to play the game for 5 hours. With it, I added a statistic that lets you know how much time you have played, which is very accurate as far as I can tell (only works when you are actually in the game).

Reworked bullet firing
The issue where you would have to press any key in order to be able to fire another bullet is now resolved, and your bullets now constantly recharge as they did in version 1.0.0, instead of you having to fire all 5 bullets in order for them to start recharging.

Update 2.0.0 changelog:
[added] bossfights
[added] 1 new ship
[added] time played statistic
[added] adjustable initial difficulty level
[improved] general performance improvements and optimizations
[improved] bullet recharge system
[fixed] keypress bullet fire bug
[fixed] the game no longer freezes if you press a key after dying
[fixed] an exploit to the game that would allow you to infinitely recharge your health by going outside of the screen (does not affect older versions)
[fixed] bullet y could overflow


This update isn't completely finished yet, I still have a few more bugs to fix and playtesting to do, but I hope that it will be out within the next few days, or week at the latest. As I make more changes, I will add them to the changelog above. Thanks to everyone for your support on this project as well, and for the reviews and downloads that you've given it (287 already?). If you have any feedback or suggestions, please post them here.
This looks great. Keep it up.
Ship 14/14 looks sweet btw! The boss stuff sounds great too 😀.
tr1p1ea wrote:
Ship 14/14 looks sweet btw! The boss stuff sounds great too 😀.
I can't take credit for the ship (KingDubDub made that one), but it's good to hear that the boss stuff sounds good, I spent a lot of time on making the AI for that.

And I uploaded 2.0.0 to the archives a few minutes ago, and it is currently awaiting acceptance. If you have a save game file from the previous version of the game, I ask that you do NOT continue from that point (when the program asks if you want to continue, say no). If you don't it will probably break. With that said, please let me know if there are any bugs to be fixed, and I will fix them.

Finally, this is likely to be the final update to HailStorm, assuming there are no bugs in this release. I would like to thank everyone who helped out with this project and offered support for it, this is by far the most fun I have had making a game and will probably serve as the basis for my mindset while making new programs. I learned a lot about what people enjoy in games while making this, and that is likely to help me make better programs in the future. It's been a great few months, and I hope that you will enjoy my new projects (2 to be announced at some point, one a large collaboration).
Nice Job , the power up special effect looks great. The last ship reminds me a "bird of prey"...
HailStorm 2.0.0 is available now! And a new project is underway.
It double posted again, just read the post below.
beckadamtheinventor wrote:
King Dub Dub wrote:
I guess that means I need to go for 999,999,999 points...

Don't explain how you did that till 1.1 comes out, that is neat!

It's impossible to get any higher than this, it's 2^23-1, which is the limit for signed integers on this calculator.
Unless epsilon5 wants to implement their own number routines...

So, from Beck, we know that in order for me to yet again overflow the score counter, I would need to get 8,388,607 points. That's a lot of points. I did some digging through the 1.1.0 code (since 2.0.0 isn't on GitHub yet to my knowledge) and this is what i found:

++count //score variable

LATE EDIT: What I said earlier was true, but upon closer inspection of code, the delays are just for the loading screen. I was confused and assumed that the void(main){} with the main code was a main loop, similar to Arduino C++ coding (even then, it's void loop{}, so that was still stupid of me). It should *only* take 78 hours. Doable, but still crazy.

So every .8 seconds 1 point is awarded, so that means that getting to the max score would take 6710886 seconds, or 111848 minutes, or 1864 hours, or 78 days. Not even I am that crazy to try (maybe) so there's no way we can naturally, through normal gameplay, realistically overflow the count.

...In version 1.1.0.

We have bossfights now, which give an increasing payout as a function of count/time in-game. So the longer we survive, the more loot we get. However, the score grows exponentially as the bossfight reward adds to the score, bumping it up farther even though we didn't actually earn those points (which also makes the bosses difficulty ramp up into insanity very quickly). So we can get very large payouts very quickly. Maybe even quickly enough to overflow the counter in a normal amount of time.

So I stayed up very late (so late it was actually this morning) and tried to see if I could beat my old highscore of 84,450, which I had already gotten close to earlier during the day and I really just wanted to get it over with. So I started playing, and in normal me fashion forgot about sleeping, and saw my score go up in the 95,000's range, which I decided to see if I could keep growing. I noticed I was getting ~50,000 points from the bosses, and I realized how quickly the boss points were going to add up. 30 minutes later, I'd done it, and I was still going strong. I didn't know whether to quit or keep going, since I'd sort of transcended the limits and understood there was no highscore anymore, just an infinite loop of math, so I semi-gave up and died after another bossfight, which awarded me -63,000,000 points. I was back in the positives, but my score still beat my old one by a lot.

(I have a hazy memory of taking a picture at the overflow mark, but I can't find that picture so I must not have been lucid enough to save it.)

If people didn't believe me before, they sure won't now! I really don't care though, since I really don't know what my score is. It could be 2^23-1 + 6882791, or it could be twice that. I don't know how many times I went around the loop, especially since the bosses started giving me overflowed scores as well (hence the negative rewards) so it will remain a mystery. Maybe I'll do a YouTube live-stream of this someday, purely because of how stupid it is.

TL;DR: I regained my honor, at the cost of sleep, and I broke the game again.
Version 2.0.1
Nothing new in this update, just some fixes to bugs and game balancing issues (thanks, KingDubDub). And KingDubDub- regarding your post, you have officially broken the game! I can't fix the highscore issue either without screwing up everyone's data, so instead I have opted to decrease the amount of points boss battles award.

[fixed] boss bullets deflected with shield now can damage the boss (they become player bullets)
[fixed] deflected boss bullets could overflow when passing the top of the screen
[improved] boss battles now reward less points to better balance gameplay

Thanks to everyone who played this game and left feedback during its development. Unless I broke anything else, this will be HailStorm's last update as I continue working on other projects. Maybe it's time for DR1VE to make a comeback...

EDIT: I accidentally edited an earlier post that I stole the formatting from, so that is now gone.
EDIT 2: Back now though.
Looks very fun and very well made, nice job! I値l have to try this out when I get the chance!
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